Wednesday, August 19, 2015

You know we're are having a lot of fun with these pigment powders. While demonstrating, I have amassed a huge pile of watercolour paper with various coloured backgrounds. I am often asked what I am going to do with this stack of treasures. Below you can see a few cards that were made with the powders. I'll be honest, in the samples below, I did emboss the image first onto watercolour paper, before I started to add my colours.

A number of people feel that they need explicit instructions to play with these powders, and my response is "just go ahead and play!" The questions I get are... "do I spray the watercolour paper with water first, or, tap on the powdered colours first, then add water?". The answer is 'yes'. You will want to try out a number of different water spray bottle. I do find that some of them have such a 'pointed' spray, that my powders get chased away. On the other hand, if your spray bottle has too light of a mist, it takes forever for you to get enough water on the watercolour paper to get the fun 'explosion' effect. Other than water colour paper, I would recommend playing with high gloss cardstock or photo paper. Each one of these surfaces will give you a different look and they are all well worth some experimenting.

The clear stamp shown in the photo was used on the pink-yellow card. It is a image by Marianne Designs and it is very reminiscent of her embossing folders. Get out your colours and play!

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