Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I need to apologize to anyone who has written a comment on this blog in the last year. I have warned you before that I am not computer savy, and I missed the fact that I needed to go in and approve the comments before they can be posted. Don't give up on me. I promise to try and keep on top of this as I really am interested in your comments and I appreciate the time you take to leave them.

Stencils are reappearing in a big way these days. It's not that they ever really went away, but the new influx is fast and furious. These two stencils are by Magenta and sell for $4.50 each which is an excellent price compared to some of the brands on the market. To create the soft background, Bundled Sage Reinker was added to a mini mister and sprayed through the stencil.

The top stencil was put on using Rangers' Texture Paste. I really like this paste because it will accept inks for colouring. Don't forget to soak your stencil in a warm water bath after the paste application, so the paste doesn't dry on your stencil. A number of the stencil pastes on the market actually work like a resist and will not accept inks to be added on the surface. You can usually colour the previously mentioned pastes by adding reinker to the paste before you use it through the stencil. With the stencil repositions, we went in with a finger dauber and the distress ink colours to colour the surface of the dried texture paste. There are so many stencils and stencil-related products on the market right now, you'll want to get out your old stencils and see what new looks you can achieve.

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