Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last week Magenta introduced the following new product. I have been able to try these new pigment powders and am happy to report that they are wonderful. I have to say that the powder is very similar to Ken Oliver's Color Bursts which I also carry. The difference for me would be mostly the colour selection. If I had to confess, I really like this smaller jar from Magenta with the plastic lid. If I wanted to use large amounts of the powder, I am able to remove the plastic lid and scoop some powder out with a paint brush. However, because the colours are so concentrated, your second option is to pierce a hole in the lid with a push-pin and tap the powder out, as described below.

My price for the entire set is $54.95, instead of $59.25 purchased separately at $3.95 each.

Each of the 15 colours is available in a small plastic jar containing 5 grams of powder.

Directions for using smaller amounts:
Pierce the lid with a push pin.
Remove it, invert the jar, and tap the bottom of the jar to sprinkle the powder on watercolour paper or any other type of absorbent paper.
Use a fine spray bottle to spray water on the paper to activate it.
For storage, push the pin back into the hole in the lid.

This is a sample of how the powders will mix with water, on watercolour paper:

Below is a link to Magenta's blog page featuring some other ideas for using these wonderful powders:

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