Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Bow Maker

Are you having difficulty making bows for cards? This handy little tool will help you to make ribbon bows in a snap.  As with all things, you just follow the steps. It's that easy. 

Step 1: With 2 pegs set at the total width of the finished bow, bring your ribbon from behind and place the right over left.
 Step 2:  Right ribbon will tuck under partially formed bow, between the posts. Then bring the same ribbon tail back toward you on top, and between the 2 posts. 

Step 3: With the top ribbon tail in your hand, create a square knot with the bottom ribbon and pull it taut. 

 Step 4: Slide the completed bow off the pegs. The kit comes with four pegs, if you want to try your hand at double bows. There are written and pictured instructions on the back of the package.  I change my bow a bit by using the top tail to tie the square knot.  

One advantage to this bow is that it is knotted and will not come undone on you as you adhere it to your card. Please note that heavier cotton ribbons like Grosgrain will not pull a tight center due to their weight.  At only $6.95, you'll wonder how you ever made do without it.
Happy Bow-making.