Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Magenta's tree stamp shows great detail, so if you emboss it, you'll want to use a nice powder. The idea of having a recessed panel on a card creates new opportunity to continue the image on the lifted face of the card. We did use distress inks to complete the sky and grass. The bird set below has 15 stamps including the large branch stamp shown on the card. All the others are single birds, either in flight or walking. I hope this inspires you to get out your bird stamps and have a look out back and see that the snow has finally melted.

Butterfly Vines

How handy when the manufacturer gives you a complete image with positive and negative artwork.  The image was white embossed and we used distress markers and a water spray to do a quick colour wash. (Simply take a plastic palette or larger acrylic block and scribble marker colours and pick up with a water brush) The set of Nellies Multi-frames are very handy for labels and there are 6 dies for $7.95. I would suggest that only 5 of the dies are usable as word labels, the last is far too skinny.