Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Time to get out your lovely naturals from Magenta to create a simple coloured band. In the card below, we've used stencil tape (low-tack painters tape) to section off an area of the card. The tighter naturals have been stamped in 'Pine Needles' and the script has been stamped in 'Pumice Stone'. When we were happy that the design was tight enough, the last step is to distress with Pine needles. We went a little heavier with the 'Pine Needles' around the four edges and left more light space in the centre. At this point, we removed the painters tape and stamped the Magenta's berry stamp and verse as shown.
This is a nice quick way to use a combination of stamps and colours to make a series of notecards at one sitting. Give it a try, you'll be amazed how quickly these cards are finished! They don't require taping for layers or colouring or die-cutting, so they are a fast and easy go-to card.

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