Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We're loving these jars of gilding flakes from Sue Wilson. There are lots of ways to use these lovely combinations of foil leafing. Yes, this is the same type of product you bought 10 yrs ago, that is still sitting in the back of your cupboard :-) . The easiest way to frame up a card or layer is to use your double sided tape, in any width, around the edges of your layer. Apply flakes and brush off excess.

Now that we have a million dies to choose from, every negative frame left over from your die-cut becomes a new frame for a foiled image. Once you've cut out a fairly solid image, apply double-sided tape to the backside of the opening. Now the tacky adhesive will show through the frame ready for foiling. Apply foil flakes gently, brush off excess and then burnish the remaining image with a nice firm brush (like a stipple brush).

The white card in the picture above is a good sample of applying the foil thru a die-cut negative. We then used the actual cut-out and used some distress ink to colour it before we applied it to the front of the card. The thin foil line on the left of the same card is a 3mm width of tape with the foil gilding applied.
On the black easel card, Bev has used a stand-up helper die-cut from Elizabeth Dies. The link below will show Els demonstrating the positioning of stand-up-helper dies. This is an older video showing small shapes rather than the new words, but the technique is the same. Although the Best Wishes has been cut from the black card, we have covered it with a silver die-cut on top of the black for a different effect. There are a number of the word-dies in this line that are salutations.

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