Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun with Viva Decor's Inka Gold

Viva Decor's Inka Gold is marketed as an art medium to colour porous surfaces for home decor, such as lamp bases.  I love the fact that you can colour cardstock with it! Just apply it with your finger, or a sponge.  When you take a tissue and buff the surface and you'll notice that it dries almost immediately.  In the sailboat card below, we've used water to thin out the product to paint with. The card sample on the right is an example of Viva Decor with Stazon stamped on top. 

The new, Emerald Green, is a lovely shade to work with.  Below, I've used my finger to spread it onto the edge of a piece of white cardstock and buffed it dry.  I'm loving the new verse from Frog's Whiskars. This would work nicely as a sympathy verse or consoling words to a friend who has recieved bad news.   

When I layered the verse panel to the above green edged panel, it looks as if I've used a green metallic paper as background.  This product comes in trial sized pots in 18 colours.  Check out the Steel Blue & the Platnium, both are favorites.  Each pot sells for $3.25.  Recognizing the type of medium this is, it can become hardened in the jar.  All it takes, is a small piece of a baby wipe tucked inside the jar overnight, to soften it.  Another way to soften the product would be to add a few drops of water to the jar and let it sit.

Happy Stamping :)

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