Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Queen and Co. New Ribbon & Gemstones

Queen and Co. have some great new additions.  You've gotta love the tiny rolls of twine.  At only $2.50 a roll there are a number of colours to chose from.  Their Rhinestone packs include 60 self-adhesive pieces from small to large at a great price at $1.75 and a great colour range.  Something new to the embellishement line, is Twinkle Goosebumps.  No amount of words that I use are going to describe this well, but they are 1/4 inch round stick-on that look like a pile of glass microbeads stuck together. (Pictured Below) There are 20 to a pack for $1.75 again, in a great colour selection.

Everybody has their version of printed Scotch tape, but I haven't seen such a wonderfull selection of prints and colour combinations.  At $2.50 a roll, the price is right to pick up a number of them.  Have a look at the white card at the top right corner of the Trendy Tape banner (in the top picture).  You can see how easily these tapes will replace ribbon borders. 

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