Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Deep Edge Punches

Well we blew our perfect record (since august) of posting every week. Although the blog should have gone out before our Anniversary Saturday, I'm still going to use that day as an excuse for being behind.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the well wishes and your support for our continued success. Preamble out of the way, have a look at these great punches by Ek Success, the Garden Trellis is under the Martha Stewart name. 

The card above is our version of a card that Pauline Campbell made for Louise's birthday.  The trellis edge creates a dainty effect and yet is still strong enough for the card to stand. The bird on the front of this card is English Robin by Inkadinkado.

This Palm Leaf deep edge punch creates a nice lacey effect.  As above, consider backing your punched layer with another colour of card stock before layering to a printed paper. The paper is by Kaiser Craft, Utopia Collection, Idyllic.  This card is finished with paper flowers and gemstones.

See you later in the week with this week's blog, Happy Punching.

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Linda Lee said...


You amaze me. I was in and you sold me the fern like punch and I can use it without it leaving imprints on my hands. You are a doll...Thanx!